Nothing is worse than unrealized potential.

Call it a waste or a shame, it’s simply what happens when good things stay in the dark.

Sure, there’s something alluring about what could be.

There’s the prospect.

There’s what if.

But truth is, the unseen doesn’t count for anything.

If we can’t see it we can’t feel it. Or be moved, inspired, in awe.

We believe good things shouldn’t be buried – they should be experienced. Diamonds dormant in the mine of an architectural plan ought to be dug out.

And the way we find them is with light.

Light illuminates riches even you didn’t know were there.

Light makes a basic idea brilliant and a big idea bigger.

Light transforms what could be into what is.

All it takes is admitting that real is better than potential. Because your design – and what’s hidden inside – can always...

Shine Brighter